A Guide of Cinephiles & Movie Addicts – Hassan Abd. Muthalib


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A Guide for Cinephiles & Movie Addicts

A Guide for Cinephiles & Movie Addicts.

Narrative films are entertaining. At the same time, as popular culture, they have something to say about people, society, community, and nation. But there is another side to films that is rarely known. Every film, in reality, has two stories: the foreground story and the background story. The foreground story is what we watch on the screen; the background story is hidden and needs to be discovered.

In this book, the filmmaker invites the audience to involve in the film’s storytelling. And to help them understand the inner workings of a film, he offers various clues and indexes which he scatters throughout the film. This is where he uses the language of cinema to present to the audience such aspects as ideas, themes, ideologies and more importantly, the subtext of a film.

This selected collection of essays and reviews on film and animation from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Germany, Bulgaria, and the United States guides not only the cineaste but also the ordinary filmgoer to embrace the art and craft of film storytelling the world over. They all share a common approach: presenting good stories that are cinematically told.

A Guide for Cinephiles & Movie Addicts by Hassan Abd. Muthalib
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